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Don't have a large truck and five strong people to move your furniture?  Don't feel bad, most people don't have such resources readily available...but we do. So, not to worry, we'll move it for you.

Choose your Delivery Service

The Furniture Store will give you a choice when it comes to delivery of your new furniture. Our expert delivery teams will do as much- or as little - as you want when we come to your home. The Furniture Store has divided the service levels into three categories for your convenience: Platinum, Gold, and Silver.

Platinum Delivery

The Furniture Store's Platinum Delivery Service is the ultimate in furniture delivery. You'll have a two hour window when our expert team will arrive. If they miss the window, your delivery is free! The team will move your old furniture out of the way ( into a storage area or other room) and bring your new furniture in and set it up. The Platinum Delivery Service begins at $149.99.

Gold Delivery

The Furniture Store's Gold Delivery Service does more for you than the silver...You'll have a six hour window when our delivery team will arrive. Your new furniture will be brought into your home and set up for you. That includes beds and mattresses. Gold Delivery Service begins at $79.99.

Silver Delivery

For the budget minded, our Silver Delivery Service is the way to go. It's  bare bones delivery. You'll be given a six hour window when our delivery team will arrive and they will place your new furniture at your doorstep, in your garage or in the driveway. They will not move your old furniture or haul it away and there won't be any setting up of beds or mattresses. Silver Delivery Service begins at $39.99.

* The Furniture Store does NOT take away old mattresses because spreading bed bugs is frowned upon.